1913nickel_bison.png 1913 Nickel Bison


Staking A Brighter Tomorrow™

.01 Taŋyáŋ yahípi

That's "welcome" in Lakota, the language of the Sioux, once masters of much of America's northern Great Plains where millions of bison once roamed. Those majestic beasts were the foundation of native culture from time long forgotten. They shaped the economy and ecology of the grasslands that stretched from Canada to Mexico.

.02 ReWILD!™ the Future

Our proposed BISONTOKEN™ can enable bison to again become an economic foundation for a revived plains ecology - and beyond - by raising the visibility and appreciation of these ancient ungulates, one of the few survivors of the Pleistocene megafuana extinction and near-extinction in the present Anthropocene.

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.03 Minting a Better Tomorrow

Bison Head

TOKEN The BISONTOKEN™ is an ERC721-comparable and convertible smart contract (NFT) that is given intelligence on the Cardano blockchain via SingularityNET AI nodes.

Bison Head

GAME You collect BISONTOKENs™ in the form of 3D digital bison by either capturing them or trading for them as part of an Augmented Reality geolocation game.

Ursa Major

MISSION To re-connect humans with the living world by caring for virtual bison that can grow and breed while being subject to the same influences that affect their wild counterparts.

.04 Earn ReWILD! Crypto Game Tokens

Help share our Augmented Reality play-to-earn game project and earn in-game tokens. Place one of these "vintage" posters on social media sites and earn ReWILD NCKL crypto tokens. Read More

.05 Contact Info

If you're interested being kept advised of BISONTOKEN™ development, submit your contact information in the form to the right. If you're interested in becoming a key, founding member of the development team call, text or email Bill Moore at the contacts below.

WhatsApp: 402.575.8085
Discord: bisontoken
Telegram: bisontoken.io

Yes, I am interested in a future token release.